Spider Networks Firewalls Are Necessary

Monitor your Network for Breaches firewalls are not 100 percent impervious to cyberattacks. Your network can still be breached, especially as a result of human error by an employee.

Fortunately, firewalls do monitor your network and alert its administrator if there is any suspicious activity occurring. This way, you can respond to the breach immediately before it causes too much serious damage.

Control Employee Internet Usage You can set firewall rules to block employees from using certain websites. Many clients opt to block distracting sites like Facebook and Amazon, while others are concerned more with cybersecurity threats. You can fully customize access based on your preference with IT support in Fort Lauderdale.

Necessary for NCUA and PCI Compliance. If you have an ecommerce business, you probably already know that having a properly configured firewall is necessary for PCI compliance. It will protect customers’ cardholder data in the event that your network is breached.