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You never realize how important backups are until you need one and don’t have one

Backups have a reputation for being cumbersome to create, maintain and manage, which sometimes results in users neglecting to perform them. While backups can be tedious without the right tools, modern hard drive backup software and methods make the process much easier and faster

At Spider Networks we create complete disk-image or file backups of your Microsoft Windows PCs using a bare-metal recovery — even to dissimilar hardware. This backs up the entire machine not just the data making the restore process much easier.

Backup files can be automatically stored locally and offsite

Backup files send daily logs so that the Spider team can review them to make sure the backup not only ran but completed successfully

Just because you have a backup does not mean it will work. Spider Networks regularly will test the restoration process insuring that the backup is reliable

Keeping a reliable backup is part of the Disaster recovery and business continuity solution and is considered to be a critical process in keeping a computer or system healthy

Though most business owners understand the risks associated with major disasters, many don’t realize that the majority of data loss is often the result of small localized problems. These are important considerations for any business owner, but for small and mid-sized businesses, these realities leave no doubt about the value of having a Business Continuity Plan

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