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Fort Lauderdale Computer Network Security as a Service

Protect your business against evolving cyber security threats Cyber attacks are a big business and growing at a staggering pace
Spider Networks Computer Networks Security

Business and financial operations are technology-driven. This makes IT systems central to a organization’s sustainability. In that aspect, nothing is more important than ensuring security and availability of those systems.

Spider Networks can keep your IT systems safe and operational. Protect your sensitive corporate information and the personal information of your employees and customers. We have experience securing your industries.

To complement our bundle of security services and training, we offer a full line of enterprise class security products by today’s leading technology manufacturers.

Protect your organization using layered approach for network security

Starting with the Gateway it is better to stop attacks at this level before they ever have the chance to enter your organization

Spider Networks uses advanced threat detection and sandboxing with a cloud-based, multi-engine solution for stopping unknown and zero-day attacks at the gateway, and with automated remediation. proactively blocking mass-market, zero-day threats and unknown malware accurately utilizing real-time memory-based inspection techniques.

Low cost of ownership

Implement a complete security platform all in a single, affordable solution. Combine security, support to reduce your total cost of ownership while increasing the value of your investment without requiring you to purchase each service individually.

Cyber Security

Protecting your company from threats, intrusions, hackers and attackers against digital threats

With Managed Cybersecurity from Spider Networks, we balance your business objectives and risks with what it costs to protect you against those risks. We use proven, standardized processes and monitor them constantly. Our goal is to keep hackers out, keep data in, and stop any intrusions fast before they can do damage.

Spider Networks works with you to choose the right security standards and apply those standards to your network, infrastructure, computers, devices, apps and data. Then we can perform risk assessments to find any gaps, and review the results with you so we can decide together which issues to fix and which to insure. From there Spider Security takes over by monitoring, maintaining and reporting on everything

Do you think your company is less of a target because you have fewer than 100 employees? Not so! You could be even more of a target. Many hackers prefer to attack small to medium-sized companies because they’re typically not as well protected or trained and could be used to attack other computer systems.

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Our technology experts will remove your computer viruses quickly and protect you from future viruses

What is the computer virus removal process?
  1. First, we inspect your computer and determine where the virus, trojan, rootkit, or other infection is coming in. Where is the source?
  2. Then, we will manually remove the virus. This may be by removing it from Windows directories or other folders as well as the registry and start-up entries.
  3. How we go about the manual removal process will encompass many actions: deleting files, running proprietary utilities, virus scans, and an extensive testing process.
  4. The timing usually takes a one to several hours, depending on the number of viruses and nature of the infection.
  5. After the virus removal, we will install subscription of virus removal software so you are protected going forward.
Will I lose my files?
Computer virus removal is a process where we aim to remove the infection. As such, it does not cause file removal or hard drive formatting. That being said, if your operating system is corrupted from the virus, then we would look to recover your files first and then reinstall your operating system. Bottom line, we will look to salvage your files so there is no file loss.