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Antivirus platform that delivers multiple endpoint protection capabilities

Antivirus platform that delivers multiple endpoint protection capabilities, including advanced malware protection, network sandbox integration, and support for visibility into encrypted traffic.
Spider Networks Endpoint Protection

Multiple Protection Capabilities

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Integration

Advanced identifies suspicious files and automatically routes them to Capture ATP for analysis to aggressively manipulate code in ways endpoints and servers cannot. It also features a one-click lookup of suspicious files against Capture ATP’s threat intel database of convictions and acquittals.

Remediate Attacks

Use policy-based mitigation to respond to incidents. After stopping attacks, quickly rollbacks modifications and auto-immunizes your endpoints with a single click. Easily return to a previous point before malware entered or activated on the system with all your files intact.

Full NGFW Integration

Client features a cloud-based management console and complete integration with the next-generation firewalls. Combined with enforcement capabilities, the Client ensures that endpoints are running the latest security software.

The above can be purchased separately along with a Firewall or used with our complete security as a service platform. Bundled in with Managed services is also available

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